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Bard Web Hosting Philosophy
No Spamming Bard Web Hosting has adopted a philosophy that assumes the honesty and good intent of our customers. Therefore, our services are provided in as unrestricted a manner as possible to allow our customers to have the most sucessful web presence possible. If you have any questions about any of our policies, Please contact Technical Support - Email. Bard Web Hosting reserves the right to change these policies at any time. No Pornography

Violation of the following policies can result in immediate termination of accounts. Users cannot assist or permit any persons in engaging in any of the activities described below on Bard Web Hosting services.


Web Site Content and Account Activities
  • "Sexually Explicit Adult Content" or "Content Which Advocates The Sexual Exploitation Of Children" is not allowed on Bard Web Hosting Servers, including pointing and linking to such content at other locations. Bard Web Hosting will be the sole arbiter as to what constitues a violation of this policy.
  • Users may not download or store illegal copies of commercial software (including ROMS and emulators). If we find illegal commercial software stored on our system, we will delete the files and immediately terminate your service.
  • Trying to "hack" root or user logins on any machine is forbidden. Attempting to do so will result in immediate account termination.
  • Distribution of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted data or other harmful or damaging components is not allowed and can result in termination of services.
  • Users may not run packet sniffers or similar programs. Users may also not intentially omit, delete, forge or misrepresent transmission information, including headers, return addressing information and IP addresses or take any other actions intended to cloak the user's identity or contact information.
  • IRC programs are not allowed. Users may not have IRC programs running at any time. This includes both "Bots" and IRC sessions.
  • Chat programs are not allowed on Bard Web Hosting servers, with the exception of the Business Conference Add on.
  • Use of CU-SeeMe Reflector and EggDrop on Bard Web Hosting servers is not permitted.
  • Users may not infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of others. This includes posting copyrighted materials or using trademarks of others without appropriate permission or attribution. Posting or distributing trade secret information of others in violation of a duty of confidentiality is not allowed.
  • Violating the personal privacy rights of others is forbidden. This includes collecting and distributing information about Internet users without their permission, except as permitted by applicable law.
  • Users may not send, post or host harrassing, abusive, libelous or obscene materials or take any similar actions.
  • Users may not use Bard Web Hosting services for any illegal purposes.

Email and Usenet
  • Bard Web Hosting is committed to a zero-tolerance, anti-Spamming policy. Under this policy, we protect you by prohibiting spam or any unsolicited commercial email from being sent either:
    • Over the Bard Web Hosting network, by customers or any other users of the network AND/OR
    • Over ANY network if the message sent advertises or mentions a site hosted on the Bard Web Hosting network.
  • Users may not "spam" people via email. Spamming is defined as sending any unsolicited (unwanted, unrequested) email. In addition, using your Bard Web Hosting account for the sale or distribution of bulk email software or services is prohibited.
  • Users may not "spam" or flood the usenet with a single post to a large number newsgroups (10 or more) not related to the topic of your article., or make many posts with essentially the same content to many different newsgroups.
  • Users may not post off-topic messages to Usenet. This includes messages violating the specific newsgroup's charter or purpose.
  • Users may not make physical threats against another person via e-mail, news or any other electronic media/service we provide.
  • Users may not forge e-mail or news postings (to include cancel messages, whether manual or automated).
  • Users may not run mailing lists from or through any of our machines or mail servers.

Web Pages and Server Processes

    Users are given the following web resources by default. Please refer to the Server FAQ for additional bandwidth and data storage information. If you exceed resources, you may be asked to move to a commerce or dedicated server which is more appropriate for your resource usage.

  • A maximum of 200 MBytes/day or 500 MBytes/day (depending on your account type) in data transfered. (MB limits are significantly different for commerce hosting, refer to your commerce account manager for more information).
  • A maximum of 1,000 cpu-seconds/day in CGI execution time.
  • Users may not run their own servers (ftp, IRC, MUDs, MUSHs, etc.) on Bard Web Hosting machines.
  • Users are not allowed to run background jobs while not logged in.
  • Programs, scripts or processes which require excessive server resources are not allowed; if such activities are found to be having a detrimental effect on server performance, they will be stopped immediately. If you continue to run programs, scripts or processes after receiving notification of their detrimental effect, you risk having your account placed on hold or terminated. Bard Web Hosting reserves the right to kill off CPU intensive processes.
  • Individual processes MUST consume less then 20 seconds of cpu per hour, may not be disk intensive, and must consume less then 300K of active memory.
  • Users may not schedule a cron process to run more often than once every 2 hours.

Account Security
  • Users must safeguard their account passwords as if they were credit card numbers or social security numbers. If someone were to gain access to your account password, they could tamper with your files and your email. Users requesting resending of account information or password resets must be able to provide sufficient proof of identity/ownership. To protect your account security, Bard Web Hosting will only provide information via e-mail or fax to the official addresses of record with Your Registrar or Bard Web Hosting; requests for information to be sent to other locations must be accompanied by faxed identity information as requested by Bard Web Hosting technical support. If your contact information changes, we encourage to you contact Bard Web Hosting customer service and Your Registrar to arrange a change in records.
  • Users must comply with requests of Bard Web Hosting if we feel your account, programs you run or your password is insecure. Failure to comply with security requests will result in suspension of your account until the matter is resolved.

  • Bard Web Hosting has a strong policy to respect and protect the privacy of its customers and their information that is stored on Bard Web Hosting's Hosting Services. Bard Web Hosting will only access and disclose information as necessary to comply with applicable laws and government requests, to provide the Bard Web Hosting Services, to operate or maintain its systems or to protect itself or its customers.

Other Policies
  • Users may not mount an attack against our system or any other systems. This includes but is not limited to mail bombing (sending three or more unsolicited pieces of e-mail or files exceeding 500K), "hacking" or attempting to gain root access, ping flooding, tsunami or flood bots or annoyance utilities like "nuke" or "flash".
  • Periodically, Bard Web Hosting will conduct routine maintenance of its servers. Customer's services may be unable to transmit and receive data and the customer may be unable to access their services during this maintenance. Customers agree to cooperate with Bard Web Hosting during the scheduled maintenance so that we may keep such period or time to a minimum.

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