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How does a VIRTUAL SERVER work?
Bard Web Hosting's VIRTUAL SERVER operating system divides a single computer into multiple, "virtual" machines. Each virtual machine has its own unique domain name (ie: "yourcompany.com").

Although each virtual machine runs on a part of our WWW server, to you and your clients, it's just as if you were operating your own private Web server under your own Internet domain.

Is it expensive to own a VIRTUAL SERVER?
What kind of server packages are available?
Not at all. VIRTUAL SERVERS start for as little as $20 per month with full telephone technical support and 30 Mega Bytes of disk space for web pages and FTP files. Our highly optimized servers are assured to give you the Internet presence needed to make your business succeed in the Global marketplace. Additional disk storage is $1 per Megabyte per month.

How fast are our servers?
How are they connected to the Internet?
All of our servers are comprised of the latest technologies available today. We use only the finest Quality components in our servers for maximum performance and High-reliability for your Domain. The Center is professionally monitored 24 hrs a day to insure your Web Presence.

Our dedicated connection to the Internet is provided via a Multiple Redundant T-3 connections that has automatic switching in the event that one should go down to insure all domains hosted by Bard Web Hosting the needed bandwidth on demand!

Can I get personalized E-Mail using a VIRTUAL SERVER?
Each Virtual Server comes with a certain number of E-Mail accounts in your domain name depending on the package that you have ordered. You may add additional individual E-Mail accounts to your domain or even have Aliases to exsisting E-mail addresses.

Please call about our E-mail Services for more information(941-778-7234).

You may check your E-Mail using any browser over the Web, or using a POP3 compliant email program (Eudora, Netscape Mail, etc.). We can also set up 'forwarding' to another E-Mail address at no extra charge.

How easy is it to run a VIRTUAL SERVER?
You can run your VIRTUAL SERVER with your existing Windows, UNIX/Linux or Macintosh PC. You just need a few simple software tools and an Internet connection. Plus, each VIRTUAL SERVER comes with complete telephone, FAX, WWW, and E-Mail technical support. Unlike most presence providers, we won't just leave you out in the cold to figure out everything on your own.

Can I run CGI scripts on my VIRTUAL SERVER?
Yes! With a Virtual Server account you have full use of the Operating System and can run CGI connecting to: server-side includes, Perl, C, C++ and Python. You can create your own CGI-BIN and run your own CGI programs. However, our servers do not support JAVA-based cgi, for Microsoft Frontpage extensions.

You may compile scripts on your own , but you may not actually compile programs on our machines. Sorry, but our machines are designed for web serving, not development.

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