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Domain Names

A name that identifies the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses (which represents a physical point on the Internet), domain names are used in URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) to identify particular web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

The internet translates the domain name into a numerical sequence that is used to identify that particular address within the World Wide Web.

The actual domain name, rather than the numerical identifier, is used to market the domain and should be a name that reflects the business or the owner of the domain. Consider the fact that you will want to use that internet address in your advertising, so choose a name that will reflect you or your business. The extensions to the domain names include:
  • gov - Government agencies
  • edu - Educational institutions
  • org - Organizations (nonprofit)
  • mil - Military
  • com - commercial business
  • net - Network organizations
  • info - general
  • tv - television related
  • and more extensions exist for different countries......
Domain names must be unique on the Internet and registered with one of the ICANN-accredited registrars for the COM, NET, and ORG top-level domains. Bard Web Hosting has an account with Bulk Register, which allows us to offer domain name registration for $15.00/yr.